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Welcome to Aussie Paid Surveys where I blog about my experiences about making money doing paid surveys with Octopus Group rated the best Paid Survey Group by Aussie Paid Surveys. (See our story)

Today I just did a Internet Survey. The best part that I was paid $4.27 for 10 minutes of my opinions. This survey is the easiest money I have earnt this week. The survey fromĀ Octopus Group was one of the best money paid surveys I have ever had. It only asked about 20 questions and then I got a bonus dollar for also adding in my postal address. This postal address could easily be found online so I didn’t mind.

Have nearly $12 in the kitty and hope to get to cash out $20 next week all going well. I wish all surveys were as good as the last one I completed. Normally internet surveys take a longer time asking your opinion about different brands and if you would be likely to switch if they offered different deals. This one just asked for my opinion about the NBN.

I highly recommend signing up with Octopus Group and using your opinions to make money. Costs nothing and you use your free time to make some cash.

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