$4.20 for an 8 Minute Survey

Welcome to Aussie Paid Surveys where I blog about my experiences about making money doing paid surveys with Octopus Group rated the best Paid Survey Group by Aussie Paid Surveys. (See our story)

Today I completed a survey about a local not of profit organisation that helps people with lower incomes from Octopus Group it took me 8 minutes and paid out $4.20 for my time. A very high amount for such a small amount of survey time. These come around for time to time and give a real boost to the account.

The survey that I completed didn’t ask many questions and the ones that it did ask were regarding my opinions of the not for profit. I am very close to the next $20 payment and hope to have that in my bank account very shortly.

I highly recommend signing up with Octopus Group and using your opinions to make money. Costs nothing and you use your free time to make some cash.

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