Hello Simon here..

When we started Aussie Paid Surveys we tested and blogged about 10 different Aussie Survey Groups. Including

Octopus Group



You Gov

My Opinions

Life Points

My View

Swag Bucks

Opinion World

We rated each one for amount of surveys, how much payment you received for time spent on the survey and how they paid you. All survey groups listed were legitimate and nearly all of them paid me for my time. (Except Swag Bucks was trying to get me to recruit more people seemed more like a get rich quick scheme) .

So are Paid Surveys a Scam — No (I would stay away from Swag Buck though)

But each one pays out at a different amount.

In 2018 we declared Octopus Group as the best Aussie Paid Survey Group and have not stopped using or blogging about our experience with them earning $4470 in playouts. Incidentally MOGBROG was number 2. We noticed that the same surveys would show up on multiple sites with Octopus Group paying more (In some cases double the amount).

In 2018 we dropped blogging and earning from the other sites as we were effecting our overall earnings due to only be able to complete a survey on one of the listed sites and we starting to get blocking problems when completing the surveys so it was wasting our time. It was better to earn top dollar on the best survey site.