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Today I completed a $1.98 survey on Covid -19 I get this survey every month with no issues at all. I normally complete it in about 6 minutes. Unfortunately today towards the end it said I have a technical issue and dropped out and I can’t re-access the survey. Not great. Over the years Octopus Group has given plenty of surveys that pay out. This is one time it didn’t go to plan

I’m so close to the next $20 playout. Today just signed up to go back to study next year so this money will help going into 2024.

I highly recommend signing up with Octopus Group and using your opinions to make money. Costs nothing and you use your free time to make some cash.

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  1. Just an update I did get the same survey 3 days later and did get paid for this survey. Still Sucks that I needed to complete it twice to get paid but I did get my $1.96 form doing the survey and I knew what the questions were to answer.

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