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Hello and Welcome to Aussie Paid Surveys where I blog about my experiences about making money doing paid surveys.

My name is Simon I am a husband and father of two children and sometimes money is tight. In April 2017 I set about trying make enough money to buy a computer using Aussie Paid Surveys. We started with 10 Aussie surveys groups. After the first year we narrowed this group down to the Best Aussie Paid Survey Group. Which is…….

After a month of technical problems – We are back. Technology has not been my friend and I had to move rentals since I last blogged. Anyway as you can see with my move and very little time to do anything else but move we have had $85 put into my bank account from Octopus Group. Even with my life being full on still managed to bring in a little cash that I could use during my move.

Moving was not cheap a couple of surveys away from another $20 into the bank account.

I highly recommend signing up with Octopus Group and using your opinions to make money. Costs nothing and you use your free time to make some cash.

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